Patient Spotlight: Tiser Lusk

Tiser Lusk has been a patient at MMPT Shreveport since April 2012. He has a condition called kernicterus, which is a brain injury caused by excessive jaundice at birth. This results in bilirubin concentrations becoming high enough to pass from the blood into the brain tissue. This condition has left this joyful 3 year old with hearing loss, low muscle tone, vision issues, and developmental delays. Although he has received two cochlear implants to help with his hearing, he is still unable to hold his head up, sit up, use his arms, feed himself, talk, or crawl. He has also developed torticollis.During his weekly visits to Melanie Massey Physical Therapy he works with our Shreveport team on shoulder girdle strength, head control, rolling, sitting balance, and postural reactions. He has been making good gains in head control and rolling. He has also improved at grasping objects, especially with his right hand as well as actively turning his head to the left.

He just loves working with Mr. Ron and his laughter is always contagious. He lights up whenever he hears his mom or Dad’s voice or his favorite iPad app, Sparkabilities.

Earlier this year, Tiser’s neurologist at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City started developing a research project in which stem cells from a child’s own bone marrow could be used to treat kernicterus and allow more normal development. This family, along with three other families across the country affected by this condition, is dedicating their time and efforts to raise the money necessary to help fund this ground-breaking project. Tiser’s family has pledged to raise $25,000 to go towards the cause. To read more about Tiser’s story and how you can help him and other children with kernicterus, please visit Tiser’s Chance on Facebook.


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