Adult Services

We provide PT, OT, and Speech Therapy services to adults. Because MMPT has four locations and over 30 therapists, there is almost always a therapist who can specifically and expertly handle the problem at hand.

Pediatric Services

Our pediatric clients not only get thorough evaluations in PT, OT, and ST, but they are further provided with home exercise programs to begin on day one of treatment. The siblings and parents are involved in therapy, and encouraged to learn how to best handle the child at home, be it behaviorally, motorically, or from a sensory standpoint.

Special Services

At MMPT, we strive to get as much specialization in a variety of areas as possible. We feel that this not only sets us apart as very good therapists, but also gives our patients choices when it comes to a specialist in their particular area of disability.

What Our Clients are Saying

The whole MMPT team were absolutely wonderful. I have nothing but praise for these extremely effective professionals. I pray God will continue to bless MMPT and all those they serve.

– Tom Middleton

The atmosphere in general at MMPT is unbelievable. All of the staff cheers me on, as they do other patients, as I work through my exercises.

– Nicole Gregory

The staff at MMPT provided support, encouragement and innovative therapy techniques to help me toward my remarkable recovery. Thank you to all my friends at MMPT!

– Stacy L. Guice

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