I think y’all have done an excellent job with my therapy! My breathing with everyday activities has improved considerably, and my lower back doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to with walking and moving around. And I have more stamina throughout each day now.

-Jimmy Chapman

The whole MMPT team were absolutely wonderful. It was almost worth having the car accident that brought me to MMPT. I have nothing but praise for these extremely effective professionals. I pray God will continue to bless MMPT and all those they serve.

-Tom Middleton

My son, Pearson, who we affectionately call Mr. P, started going to MMPT at the age of 3 months old. He was diagnosed with torticollis, which is basically a stiffness of the neck. When he first started going, he could only hod his head angled down and to the side. It was a pretty severe case and we religiously took him to get stretched 3-4 times a week. Now, almost 9 months later, Mr. P is meeting all his milestones and can hold his head up straight and without help.

I feel very thankful to have met Melanie and her staff. I consider them to be my good friends who are also my sons therapists. They have blessed my life and Mr. P’s life through their sincerity in wanting to help.

-Lissy Compton

MMPT has been a huge part of my life for 3 years now. When I first started I came in a wheelchair and my daughter-in-law was living with me so I could be at home. With God’s help, and many great therapists, I have come such a long way. I live independently and even drive myself to therapy…I wasn’t just a patient, a number on the schedule. I was loved, and that meant more than you can imagine.

-Carol Pevehouse

I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at MMPT, especially our amazing Mrs. Patchez, and her two students. When we first started, my son had serious sensory issues with foods and textures. Over the past 4 days, my big boy has eaten burritos, eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, toast, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without anything added to help with texture! We give God all the glory, and are forever thankful that He put MMPT in our path. From the endless smiles and “good jobs!” to the awesome techniques, we are so happy here and thankful!!! The only way from here is UP!!!

-Janna Wilkerson

I began coming to MMPT in March of 2012 after a horse riding accident where I sustained an L3 spinal fractures, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. When I began therapy at MMPT, I had limited movement in my left leg and faint movement in the right leg. I have been consistently receiving Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy since that time.

The MMPT staff has continually used many treatment techniques, tried outside ideas, and suggested equipment in order for me to reach my maximum potential. I know I have gained right leg movement and continued strength in my left leg. Although physicians did not give me any hope of ever walking, I am now walking with assistance and a walker. What I gained was up to God, therapy, and determination. MMPT has given support and encouragement to try anything, work hard, and never lose sight of our goal. We can never say how much they have contributed to my healing and we’re not done yet!

-Ashley Moberley

From the aqua front door one is transported to a brightly colored work/gym area where physical and occupational therapists work their magic on their patients with skill and care. I am amazed on a daily basis that Melanie Massey has been able to gather together such a group of skilled Christian therapists!


In October 2011, I began experiencing dizziness, imbalance and vertigo due to Meniere’s Disease. After months of suffering and several medical procedures including surgery, I heard about Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT). VRT is intended to strengthen the vestibular nerve in the inner ear that causes some dizziness and balance disorders.

In April 2012, my doctor wrote an order for me to begin VRT. I was very concerned that I would have to seek this treatment outside of Northeast LA because it is so specialized. I didn’t think anyone in our area would be proficient enough with VRT. Thankfully, I was very wrong.

I made my first appointment at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy within days of receiving my doctor’s order. I felt as though I had known my therapist, Summer, all my life from the moment we met. She is the utmost professional, and so caring and sensitive. She is extremely knowledgeable about vestibular disorders and is tenacious in her research of them. There is no question that she sincerely cares about my health and well-being and her #1 goal is my rehabilitation to a “normal” life. While I am still participating in therapy and battling my Meniere’s Disease, I have made progress with my dizziness and am almost completely off of my anti-dizziness medication.

The atmosphere in general at MMPT is unbelievable. All of the staff cheers me on, as they do other patients, as I work through my exercises. They have Christian radio playing in the facility and I know that the staff I’ve encountered truly cares about the people that they work with. I will forever be grateful to MMPT for the medical care they give; although I sometimes feel the additional emotional support is more valuable and helps encourage me to get me through!

-Nicole Gregory

After suffering a stroke at age 45, I was concerned about my ability to return to my life as a busy working wife and mother of two. After only two months of physical therapy, I completely regained my balance and was back in my high heel shoes! Working with occupational therapist, Patchez Long, I have minimized my visual deficits to allow me to drive again, return to work full time, and meet the many needs of my family. The staff at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy provided support, encouragement and innovative therapy techniques to help me toward my remarkable recovery. Thank you to all my friends at MMPT!

-Stacy L. Guice

I needed occupational therapy for my shoulder. Amy Colvin, my therapist, gave me my mobility and my quality of life back. I can’t begin to say enough about her knowledge, ability and caring for me as a patient and as a person. The great guys who assisted Amy (Bobby, Chase and Seth), Melanie herself, Brian and Miss Bev and others helped make each session a positive one.

All health care providers should use Melanie Massey as a model and these incredible “healers” as guides for future service to their patients.

(From a Letter to the Editor)

-Monica Albritton

In this area the majority of people have no idea what they have in Melanie Massey Physical Therapy. The daily attitude that these people exhibit is phenomenal.I have a 6-year-old granddaughter who is an amputee, and the staff has helped her physically, mentally and emotionally more than any doctor could.

She is extremely strong, focused and determined to begin where her life left off. There are no words in the English language to completely identify her strength of mind and character.

Yes, her family has been positive and she expected that, but these strangers and Melanie Massey have become her extended family.

As her grandfather who took her to 98 percent of her therapy sessions, I am well versed in the staff’s work, attitude and the professional way they carried out their assignment (my granddaughter).

As I said, words are insufficient to describe what they have done, so I just have to say thank you.

(From a Letter to the Editor)

-Don Matthews

From the moment I walked in the door for my evaluation until my last day of therapy, there was a feeling of “welcome”…She always wore a smile and kind words. My progress was excellent because of determination and hard work I received. My progress afterwards only got better and better.My experience with MMPT was more than I expected. Not only did I accomplish my goal, but I made some new friends. I have and would recommend MMPT to anyone.

-Ronnie Jones

While in kindergarten, [my son] was making all D’s. It was recommended that I hold him back in Kindergarten due to his learning disability. I prayed about this for several months before making a decision. Due to the improvement I was seeing during his therapy at MMPT, I decided to move him on to first grade but step up his therapy during the summer break and see if it would help him in the first grade. I had some resistance from some family concerning this decision as they felt he needed to enjoy his summer break. I did not feel Tyler could afford to be out of therapy for 3 months before attending first grade. He needed the strong educational foundation more than playtime.By the time first grade started Tyler was like a new child. He loved reading and his grades were improving. He won an award for reading the 2nd most books (300) in his class for the whole first grade. He has become an excellent reader and has discovered a true love for reading. He is able to read some books for second and third grade readers. He passed first grade and will be advancing to second next year and is continuing to take therapy during the summer at MMPT.

After all the frustrations of trying to help my child through pupil appraisal and psychologist, I am so thankful for the staff at MMPT. I feel they have saved my child from years of struggles within the school system, not to mention how they have contributed to building his self-esteem. He now feels like he can accomplish whatever he chooses.

-Heather Brumley

I offer my gratitude to Melanie Massey’s clinic for giving me excellent care during my recovery from surgery. I especially appreciate Becky’s expertise in bringing me forward successfully during this time.

-Robert Webber, Ed.D.

I injured my shoulder when I slipped and fell in our home in early July of 2011. The pain was severe. A very good friend of mind recommended Melanie Massey Physical Therapy. He told me that the staff was very capable. I found this to be absolutely true. After my surgery I contacted them. Everything was business-like, but relaxed. Every effort was made to put me at ease. The treatment was no picnic, but every effort was made to present any unnecessary pain. Lindsey and her crew were very capable and if anything else happen to me and therapy is needed, this is the place I will come to. As a matter of fact, my wife is being treated for back problems here with Lindsey and Corey at the present time.

There was no tension on my part after the initial visit. Everything went extremely well. As a matter of fact, they seemed to treat me as if I were their only patient. They could not have done a better job! There is no pain in my shoulder and I have most of the range of motion that I have ever had. I feel as if I have gained some good friends.

-L.C. Littlefield 4/14/12

Just when I thought there was no hope of relief from my chronic pelvic pain, I was referred to Melanie Massey by the third physician I had sought help from. Melanie treated me with the utmost respect, and was willing to troubleshoot & research a possible solution to resolve my pain issues. When the pelvic therapy she traditionally uses did not produce results, she didn’t give up until she discovered the true source of my pain & helped me find the physician who could surgically correct my problem. Thanks to Melanie and her competent staff, I look forward to many years of pain-free living, serving my family with a happy heart! God bless you, Melanie!

-Lydia Headrick

I came to Melanie Massey Physical Therapy (Sterlington Rd.) with two bulging discs in my neck, tingling across the top of my scalp, and a growing admiration for Percocet. My therapist outlined a therapy program that immediately started me on the road to recovery. My neck is now completely recovered, the tingling is gone (as is the Percocet) and I’m back playing golf regularly.

My experience with MMPT has been great. The professionalism of their clinic is outstanding, but at the same time I was made to feel completely at home. I’ll miss seeing my new friends on a regular basis.

-James Michael (Mike) Newsom


West Monroe





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