Boys Only Movie Night: Part One

In case you didn’t know, we treat some of the coolest kids ever here at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy! Even though we see most of them on a pretty regular basis, we enjoy hanging out with them so much that we like to throw special events from time to time just to have more fun. It gives their parents a great opportunity for a date night or just some free time that they might not normally have to themselves. It also allows children who may have a harder time in many social situations a great chance to make new friends. For this years action packed Boys Only Movie Night we watched “A Night at the Museum.”

We went all out with the archeology theme. We started off by getting creative with some dinosaur artwork. We used a slightly messy sponge painting technique that was lots of fun as well as a great sensory exercise.

Then we passed out our science gear and got everyone to make a buddy to get ready for a nature walk/dinosaur hunt.

There were many fearsome dinos to be found around the field. And our trackers did their best to capture them all! And of course, there was lots of running…

Followed by some very tasty and much needed Snow Cones! Special thanks to Tiki Time Roane’s for coming out and making us such yummy treats. Roane is a ten-year-old entrepreneur and we were so impressed by her ambition to start her own business at such a young age that we felt some collaboration was in order. Not to mention, her snow cones are top notch!

MMMM….Snow cones!

We did so much we can’t quite fit it all on one blog post. So stay tuned for the second half of Boys Only Movie Night!


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