Dizziness and Imbalance

Is trouble with dizziness or balance affecting your ability to perform daily activities?

Living with vestibular disorder can impact your quality of life and result in difficulty with day to day tasks such as housework, personal grooming, and driving. Dizziness has also been directly linked to an increased likelihood of falls.

Because there are many factors that contribute to balance control, diagnosing and treating a vestibular disorder can be difficult. Fortunately, Melanie Massey Physical Therapy has therapists trained specifically in the treatment of vestibular disorders.

We provide a thorough evaluation of many systems of the body that may include vision testing, positional and movement testing, balance assessment, gait analysis, sensory performance, coordination, movement of joints, strength and postural assessment. This allows our therapists to design an individualized exercise program to address the areas of weakness that are contributing to the problem.

The individual’s plan of care may include exercises that are geared toward helping with balance, helping the brain resolve differences in the inner ear signals, and improving the ability to visually focus. In addition, general exercise is often prescribed to improve overall physical health and well-being. Regardless of the cause of your vestibular disorder, the sooner you start therapy the better. Research has shown that the brain and inner ears work best for compensation, or recovery, in the first few months after a vestibular deficit occurs, but is beneficial at any point in the recovery process.

Because our goal is to get you moving again while managing your dizziness, we also provide essential coping strategies to make recovery easier. If specific activities or chores around the house cause dizziness, then learning ways to perform them differently may help to keep the dizziness to a minimum. Our therapists can help you work through some of these issues right away and get you moving, and back to a productive life more quickly.


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