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A 16 month old female was referred in September 2012 due to feeding issues regarding textures.

The patient was introduced to solid food at nine months, but she would respond by gagging and turning her head. At times, she would also cry, throw food, refuse to eat, and clamp her mouth shut. Her diet consisted of purees, such as yogurt and milk from a bottle. She would try to taste food by licking. Her doctor was concerned with her weight loss.

Treatment: Food textures were increased through Food Chaining adding small amount of new textures to an acceptable food (yogurt). Oral Motor exercises were implemented to normalize allowable sensory input into her oral cavity. Strategies were also taught to parents for home program.

Progress: Within the first month of treatment the patient began attempting and eating new textures. By the second month she was eating various textures from cookies, pancakes, corndogs, chips, chicken nuggets, and beyond. At her most recent doctor appointment, she had gained a pound.


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