Warning Signs of Sensory Integration Dysfunction

If your child frequently displays many of the symptoms on this checklist, please call your child’s doctor for possible referral to MMPT.


  • Sensitive to loud noises
  • Hears normally, but does not listen well
  • Shouts or screams for no apparent reason
  • Dislikes being in a group
  • Hums constantly
  • Is a very noisy child
  • Deficits in some language areas
  • Likes to listen to music or television with high volume
  • Relaxes when whispered to
  • Loves music Bangs on tables, walls, etc. to create noise
  • Seeks vibration (such as presses ears & face against washing machine/dryer)
  • Covers ears to protect them from loud noises


  • Does not discriminate food
  • Picky eater
  • Puts everything in mouth
  • Always puts too much food in mouth
  • Grinds teeth
  • Enjoys intense flavors or eats only bland food


  • Smells everything
  • Will not eat unless he/she smells his/her food first
  • Smells other’s hair
  • Hands are always in mouth or nose area
  • Avoids strong odors


  • High tolerance for pain
  • Dislikes or likes tight clothing
  • Always removing clothing
  • Over, or under sensitive to hot and cold
  • Dislikes hair being combed or washed
  • Dislikes having nails trimmed
  • Dislikes wearing hats
  • Dislikes being touched
  • Places tongue or face against window glass
  • Likes or dislikes soft textures
  • Very delayed in toilet training
  • Clumsy and/or uncoordinated
  • Heavy walker
  • Toe walker
  • Excessive washing of hands


  • Rocks
  • Hand flaps; usually around eye level
  • Rolls head usually from side to side
  • Loves running water
  • Enjoys staring at lights
  • Enjoys turning lights on and off
  • Enjoys things that spin or turn (such as fascination with ceiling fans)
  • Plays with hands in front of eyes
  • Presses eyes with fingers, usually at corners
  • Oversensitive to sunlight
  • Everything must be in order – shoes in a row, etc.
  • Has difficulty moving from one surface to another (such as rug to tile)
  • Loves to open and close drawers or doors
  • Enjoys playing in the bathroom
  • Page turner
  • Loves shiny or reflective objects & mirrors
  • Poor eye contact
  • Appears to stare through people
  • Eyes tire easily/quickly when reading


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