Warning Signs of Autism

Autism symptoms are usually noticed during the early development stages of a child. If your infant, toddler, or young child is exhibiting these signs frequently, please consult his or her doctor for possible referral to MMPT.


  • Stares at moving objects
  • Poor sleep cycles
  • Fussy, crying baby – other than for meal time,diaper change, sleepy
  • Does not hold up arms to be held
  • Little to no babbling
  • Babbling, but not for communication
  • Difficulty to get attention
  • When parents smile at the child there is no reciprocal smile
  • Showing no reaction to parents presence or fussing when leaving the room
  • Does not cry for attention when laying in crib awake
  • Rocks in crib or playpen on all fours
  • Babbles own language – no “ma-ma-ma” or “ba-ba-ba”
  • Minimal interaction with parent or caregiver (such as not smiling)


  • Sudden mood changes
  • Unafraid/unaware of dangerous things or situations
  • Flapping arms or fingers when excited
  • Solemn and serious
  • Prefers toys they can play over and over – (such as pull-string toys)
  • Only understands parts of what is said to him/her
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Clumsy
  • Keeps unusual toys or things (string, leaf, part of a toy)
  • Loves mechanical things (such as light switches, opening/closing doors)
  • Unusual interest in television (such as quoting movie lines)
  • Forgets old words when learning new words
  • Echoes/repeats words previously stated
  • Perfectionist
  • Lines toys up, sorts or piles toys
  • Becomes too upset when routine changes
  • Recognizes routines in car and becomes upset when taking a different direction
  • Protects ears from loud noises by covering them


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