Tips for Healthy Running

Use a “Sprinting Form”

  • Use a “Sprinting Form,” aka Midfoot Strike, no matter your speed. Even at a jogging pace, you should always run with sprinting form.  This means landing on your midfoot and transitioning forward to propel off of your forefoot.  The “sprinting form” is not about speed.  It is a form of running that makes us lighter on our feet, thus putting less stress on our joints and decreasing the risk for injury. 

Midfoot Strengthening with Minimalist Shoes

Consider training in a minimalist shoe for short distance runs.  This will allow you to build the strength and stability of the forefoot and help promote that sprinting running style mentioned above.  

Increase Distance Gradually

If you are new to distance running, slowly progress your distance to prevent fatigue and overuse injuries.  Give your body time to adjust!  Add no more than 10% to your weekly mileage each week.  Increase by 10% for 2-4 weeks then use a week for a recovery week, holding stable with mileage or even decreasing just for that week.

Vary Your Running Path

Roadways slant away from the center and can cause increased pressure on your joints if you are always running the same streets on the same side.  This may, over time, lead to injury.  Try a different route to differ the stress and load on your joints. 


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