Superheros vs. Nerds: MMPT Halloween Costumes Rocked!

One of the best things about working for this company is that we are totally encouraged to go all out with fantastic Halloween costumes! In the West Monroe clinic a lot of us came up with the idea to be superheros. Here’s the Adult Clinic staff rocking their “super” outfits.

Left to Right: Summer as Wonder Woman, Casey as Super Girl, Emery as Mrs. Incredible (aka Elastigirl), Jamette as Blackeyed P, John-Wesley as Super Man, Brian as a Ghostbuster (that’s a pretty super hero, right?), Becky and Kourtney both as Robin, Kristin as Super Mrs. Bev, and Mrs. Beverly as her super self!

Here’s another pic of Kristin and Mrs. Bev. This was one of our favorite costumes because I think we can all agree that Mrs. Beverly is fantastic and deserving of “super” status. And she certainly looked cute in her little witch hat too. Great job, Kristin!

Becky, Kourtney, and Patchez were also looking cute in their girly Robin gear. And here’s Emery striking her best “fight evil” pose. Below the guys are representing, Brian prepared to fight ghosts, Cade as Superman in his Clark Kent disguise, John-Wesley in his Superman cape, and Madison as “Dr. Bruce Banner in mid Hulk transition.” Great job guys!

Keif thought outside of the box and came up with his own super hero, Super Confused. Well, maybe it’s not THAT out of the box…. Anyways, he highlighted some of the common problems that we treat through therapy, dyslexia, sensory integration disorder, and of course, crazy hair! Hector even came out of the woodwork to join our Halloween fun. Aren’t they cute? Father and son!

Here’s another group pic to show Melanie’s Batgirl costume and Ashley’s Mario ensemble. Check out Mel’s wig and tights!

The West Monroe office staff came together and surprised everyone by showing up as the Pink Ladies and John Travolta from Grease. They really got into it, even Tom!

Also doing her own thing, Jessica came as Merida from Brave. She looks just like her!

Over in the Monroe office Lindsay and Laura brought out their superhero gear too. I present to you, Super OT and Super PT! We all saw their fancy capes on Facebook, but they were actually wearing their spandex and leotards too! Now that is commitment!

So with mostly Super Heros in Monroe and West Monroe, the Ruston clinic went the complete opposite direction and chose to highlight their inner nerds!

Nice try ladies, but you still all look really pretty, even through the glasses! They may be smart, but they still know how to have fun!

And in Shreveport, they went above and beyond, wearing costumes all week long. They had 80s day, Country day, Anything Goes Halloween (featuring Charlie and Foxy Brown), PJ day, and Team Spirit day! Way to go S’port!

We even had a few patients show up in costume. One of the most memorable was Lisa Moore in her hilarious wig and officer get up. She looked like she came right out of Reno 911 and she had us rolling!


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