You can print lined writing paper for all ages here.

2 years – 3 years

3 years – 4 years

Foam Writing:

Use bubble foam or shaving cream, let the child lather it up on a counter top, mirror, or table, and use his or her fingers to draw letters. Younger kids can start out with lines and shapes, while older kids will love spelling out their names.

One of MMPT’s favorites!

4 years – 6 years

Kitchen Tong Towers:

Use kitchen tongs to stack blocks for improved hand strength and fine motor control which improves overall handwriting skills!

6 years – 9 years

Pipe Cleaner Beading:

Have children string small beads onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets for increasing fine motor coordination and control in preparation for handwriting! Use larger beads for smaller kids and for older kids you can gradually go down to using wire, then string.

9 years and up

More Information Coming Soon!


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