Girls Only Movie Night: Tangled

Two weeks after our boys only party, we braced ourselves for the implosion of girly-ness that was to be our Girls Only Movie Night! We were full to the brim with smiling and energetic girls. We started off with a few Tangled coloring sheets to keep busy until all of our guests could arrive. (Check out our Pin the Nose on Flynn Rider game in the background!)

Then we started our first game. The girls divided into pairs (but weren’t allowed to buddy up with someone that they came with.) After making their new friends, they each got a roll of yellow streamers.

The object of the game was to get your partner as tangled up as possible in the allotted time. They spun round and round and twisted and tied!

Then, when the time was called we looked to see who had gotten the most tangled up.

Gabbi was pretty wrapped!

Have I mentioned how full our room was? We were very blessed to have such a good turn out!

Even Becky and Jordan got in on the fun!

Melanie had to take a time out of the game to get a good pic with her pal Jana. We love this girl!

After that game we started designing our own crowns.

Jamette gave Jana a little helping hand.

Each girl could color however she wished and then glue on rhinestones to make it extra sparkly!

You can never have too many crowns! These gals were wearing tiaras as they colored on their projects. Princess Peaches (center) was all about it! Shout out to Cameron, who was sweet enough to come and lend us a hand.

There will always be at least one kid who just isn’t in the mood for crafts. This time it was Tatum, who just wanted to stretch and do gymnastics. She was cracking us up with her enthusiasm about stretching, but she is definitely bendy!

Little Ella was having a good time. Check out that sweet face!

Of course they were all able to get a little bit of jumping in as they finished up their projects. Even little girls need some monkeying around time.

Time to go to the gym! We pulled out the parachute while we waited for the pizza to arrive. This is a group activity that never fails.

Added a ball and now the teamwork really begins!

Somehow we didn’t get any pictures eating pizza or watching the movie, but rest assured these kiddos did not go hungry! We even had special Tangled cupcakes for dessert. (And a few that weren’t Tangled themed because we had such a great turn out we had to run back to the store for extras!)

This was the last pic we took as the girls were waiting for their rides at the end of the night. If it is any indication, this party was a huge success!

Thanks to all who participated and all of our awesome staff who volunteered their time and efforts!


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