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Urinary Incontinence (Male)

A 65 year old male who presented to MMPT status post prostatectomy. His chief complaint was urinary incontinence since his procedure. He reported constant leaking requiring 4-5 pad changes per day. He reported his pads to be saturated, and he had virtually no awareness of when he was leaking. He was not producing a good urine stream because he was never able to allow his bladder to completely fill. He reported an inability to go fishing, do yardwork, or exercise without full urine loss. He had completely stopped participating in his favorite activity, fishing, due to the potential embarrassment.

Treatment: Biofeedback of pelvic floor muscles, specific muscular strengthening, education on diet/ bladder irritants, specific HEP

Progress: This patient received treatment 1 day a week for 12 weeks. He accomplished all of his short term goals originally set at the time of the evaluation. These include using fewer pads, mastering a home exercise program, decreased incidence of urinary incontinence by 90%.

He has resumed fishing with his friends, without fear of leakage and virtually no incidence of incontinence in social settings. At time of discharge from therapy, he was no longer dependent on pads for protection, saving him money, embarrassment, and liberating him to do more things with his children and grandchildren.

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