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Urinary Incontinence (Male)

Urinary Incontinence:

A 67 year old business man was referred to MMPT after having a prostatectomy. Patient reported that he started having significant issues with incontinence with standing activities after getting an infection 6 weeks after surgery. He reported leaking virtually every time he arose, when he walked, and especially when he descended stairs. His work requires him to ascend and descend stairs often, as well as walking around a showroom floor all day. He reportedly was changing 12-15 pads per day as protection to his clothes. His urge delay for urination was only 15 minutes, posing a problem in his job as a salesman.

Treatment: Biofeedback to teach pure contraction of pelvic floor muscles, home program to target pelvic floor muscles and the accessory muscles of his thighs and buttocks, stabilization of his lower abdominal muscles to improve isolation of muscle groups, and particularly to teach him appropriate breathing.

Progress: Over 2 ½ months, and only 6 visits, the patient went from fully incontinent to remaining totally dry during his work day. He went from 12-15 pads per day to only one "as insurance”. Also, he improved from fully saturated pads to a minimally damp one. He was discharged with the ability descend stairs and work a full day without fear of leaking. He reported, "I am better now than I was before the surgery.”

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