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Sensory Processing Dysfunction
A 3 year old male was referred to MMPT due to his parents' concerns about difficult behaviors and his inability to sit still long enough to complete a task. His parents' main goal was for him to be able to attend a 4 year old preschool classroom (successfully) due to a previous child care facility dismissing him, because they were unable to meet his needs.

Following an OT evaluation, it was determined that he wasn't processing sensory information appropriately.

Treatment: Auditory desensitization, vestibular and proprioceptive input with fun activities, and tactile stimulation. Therapy has also been focusing on functional skills such as manipulating scissors, identifying numbers, writing his name, and engaging in social play with similar aged peers.

He is now able to sit at a table-top and engage in activities until completion. He is also able to write his full first name independently. He has now not only met his parents' goal of being able to attend a 4 year old preschool with other children, but has made advancements beyond his own age level in some areas.


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