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Sensory Processing Dysfunction
A 3 year old male was referred to Occupational Therapy services at MMPT with concerns of sensory processing deficits and behavior modification.

At the time of the initial evaluation, the patient had issues with developmental play skills, had frequent meltdowns and temper tantrums, poor social skills, difficulty with transitions, below age level with pre-writing skills, and poor sensory regulation. He was only willing to participate in child preferred activities. He would demonstrate meltdowns and temper tantrum with all activities that were adult directed or structured. The patient was very sensitive to sensory input, as he avoided various tactile and auditory stimuli. He also demonstrated a very short attention to all tasks, and little to no attention to adult directed and structured tasks.

Treatment: Sensory Processing skills, behavior techniques, social skills, attention, developmental play skills, techniques to improve transitions, self-regulation, pre-writing activities, tolerance of ADL tasks, and compliance to adult directed tasks.

Progress: After only 3 treatment sessions this patient was able to transition from parents to therapist with no meltdowns and was able to transition between activities with ease. After 7 treatment sessions he no longer demonstrated emotional meltdowns or temper tantrums. He began tolerating various types of sensory input with little to no aversions. The patient has now mastered all prewriting tasks. He is learning to write his first name, alphabet, and numbers. He is now able to attend a daycare where he can easily function in all age appropriate tasks.


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