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Knee Replacement
A 63 y/o female who had a Left Total Knee Replacement on 11/8/11. She was evaluated at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy on 11/17/11.

This patient presented in the clinic at the time of the evaluation with increased swelling and pain in her left knee, decreased strength and motion in the left lower extremity, and difficulty walking. She stated at the time of the evaluation that her walking, transfers, and squatting were limited due to her complaints.

Treatment: Manual therapy, modalities, stretching, strengthening, HEP, gait training, & balance exercises

Progress: The patient was seen for a total of 15 PT visits from 11/17/11 to 12/22/11. She was able to achieve 17/19 goals with PT before discharge, including improved motion in her left knee, normal strength in her legs, and normal walking without a walker or a cane.

She was able to progress from walking with a rolling walker to being able to walk without an assistive device. Mrs. H was able to achieve her personal goals of being able to walk around more for shopping without pain and being physically able to travel without pain.

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