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Herniated Disc
A 30 year old female who was referred to Melanie Massey Physical Therapy with a diagnosis of Herniated Disc @ L5-S1. She was initially evaluated on 9/6/11, and was seen for a total of 7 treatment sessions.

The patient presented at the evaluation with complaints of low back pain and radiating pain into the R lower extremity. She complained of increased low back pain with prolonged sitting, tying her shoes, driving her car, and prolonged standing. Her score on the Oswestry Disability Questionnaire at the time of evaluation was 26.7%, which is classified as moderate disability. Clinically, she presented with increased low back pain & increased radicular right leg pain w/ trunk flexion, increased low back pain when testing leg strength as well as radiating pain into right leg.

Treatment: Manual therapy, mechanical traction, stretching, strengthening, posture/body mechanics training, HEP, pt. education, gait training, modalities, and balance activities

Progress: The patient met all of her goals with PT after 7 treatment sessions, including improved posture & body mechanics, independence with HEP, decreased lumbar neural irritability and increased tolerance of a full day of regular activities without pain.

Her score on the Oswestry Disability Questionnaire at the time of discharge on 9/26/11 was 4.4%. She was able to achieve her goals of resuming normal exercise without pain, tying her shoes without pain, standing and sitting for prolonged periods of time without pain, and driving her car without pain.

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