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A 3 year, 9 month old female was referred for speech and language therapy in September due to  concerns with her speech sound productions and instances of stuttering during conversation with accompanying secondary behaviors, such as eye blinks, tongue thrusting, and pursed lips.

The patient was approximately 50% intelligible with an unknown listener. She produced instances of stuttering when beginning to say phrases. She also had secondary behaviors, including blinking her eyes, protruding her tongue in an exaggerated manner, and averting her eyes. It was determined her stuttering was of moderate severity (17 words out of 200 word sample). Her speech sound errors were found to be severe.

Treatment: Indirect treatment of stuttering by modeling appropriate speech rate, allowing time for the patient to speak thoughts completely, and introducing parents to methods of indirectly assisting in treatment at home were all implemented into therapy.

Progress: Following three months of therapy, this child was able to speak fluently 80% of the time, while her stuttering is within a normal to mild severity. Her secondary behaviors are now non-existent apart from her habitual tongue thrusting during productions which will be targeted through articulation therapy.


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