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Expressive Language
A 20 month old male was referred in July 2011 to speech and language therapy due to concerns with limited word use. At the time of the evaluation, the child communicated via gestures and sounds. He produced "da”, "mama”, "dacda” (for tractor), and animal sounds. He scored below normal for his age on the expressive language assessment.

Treatment: Communicative Temptations; Hybrid Approach; Manding (Verbal Behavior); Treatment techniques to carry over at home.

Progress: After three months of therapy, the patient was using spoken words (ball, up, down, no, go, shoe, outside, owl, yellow, open, off, on, fell down, yuck, trash, sure, hat, etc.). And he no longer used grunting as a means to indicate his wants. His reassessment determined that he was age appropriate for his age regarding expressive language and he was discharged from therapy.


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