Splish Splashin' Good Times! MMPT Ruston Water Day
7/31/2013 1:02:28 PM
Last week we had our annual Water Day in Ruston. Over the years it’s become a summer tradition. We set up a waterslide and we always have a cool treat. This year we had sno-cones! The kids started showing up early and couldn’t wait for us to turn on the water to the "Blue Monster”. Beaux was determined that he would be the first one to slide. I’d say by the smile on his face, that he’s pretty pleased with the Blue Monster!

It didn’t take long for more kids to start showing up and the fun began!

Our occupational therapy assistant, Michelle, jumped right in slid down with the younger kiddos that were a little nervous at first. 

Gabe was a little apprehensive to slide, but once he finally did it, he slid nonstop for the rest of the afternoon. We cheered him on as he slid down all by himself!

Check out Arlyn rocking her big pink bow with her swimsuit. How cute is she??

We had lots of helpers that really made the day go smoothly. This is our speech therapist, Tiffany, our occupational therapy assistant, Michelle, and therapy tech, Jordan.

And here are the girls that kept our MMPT sno-cone stand running smoothly. Our intern, Anna Claire, our physical therapist, Laura, our receptionist, Olivia, and our therapy tech, Cat.

We had such a great time! We love getting to spend quality time with our kiddos and their parents. It’s so fun to watch friendships blossom with therapy friends. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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