7/1/2013 A Chance to Dance 2013

It was a simple dance party with neon colors, balloons, glow sticks, crazy outfits, a photo booth, and a play list of fun songs to dance to. But for those of us who were there, it was a night that we won’t soon forget.

7/10/2012 MMPT Therapists Attend Continuing Education Course in Houston
 Melanie Massey, PT, and Jessica Lincoln, PTA, recently attended a course in Houston, TX titled, "Intensive Problem Solving and Handling: an NDT Approach."
5/15/2013 Rehab Tech Going to Grad School
  One of our essential team members, Madison Raborn, received his degree this week in Kinesiology and prepares to continue into the Masters Program at ULM.

7/10/2012 What Child Prodigies and Austistic People Have In Common
  Child prodigies evoke awe, wonder and sometimes jealousy: how can such young children display the kinds of musical or mathematical talents that most adults will never master, even with years of dedicated practice?



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